About Us

The love of sports and of the winter season; knowledge of materials and different manufacturing techniques; attention to detail and elegance; a unique design adapted to the reality of sports and their environment; intensive use of product under real conditions. All these statements describe us. We are Blivet Sports and we offer a line of superior quality products that will exceed your expectations.

Founded in 2018 in Quebec city, Canada, Blivet Sports originated not only from a desire to develop and offer the very best to athletes, but also out of the experience of our designers, who are in turn passionate about using these products. Blivet Sports collaborates with athletes at every level and benefits greatly from the support of all our testers and ambassadors.


The blivet is at once an indecipherable figure, an optical illusion and an impossible object. It is also known as a two-pronged trident, Devil's pitchfork.



Winter, cold, frostbite! We move our toes, one of the simplest movements we instinctively and legitimately make during winter in our boots. We are tapping them in order to create friction and keep them warm.

In order to maximize comfort, LISZT AIR "TOEBOX," all BLIVET shoes have an 4-EEEE volume toe box, the largest volume you can find in the industry.



Frank Liszt, virtuoso pianist. All sources agree that Liszt was one of the greatest pianists of his time and one of the fastest in history. From a purely technical point of view, Liszt had unusually large hands. We pay tribute to him by using his name to refer to the extra volume toe box, in our boots, allowing you to strum your toes to avoid getting cold.


QUILO boots

QUILO… Word from Roman mythology meaning ‘’wind of the north’’.


KOLL helmet

KOLL… From Old Norse, a medieval Scandinavian language, a word meaning ‘’skull’’, ‘’head with no hair’’.


LOFI gloves

LOFI… From Old Norse, a medieval Scandinavian language, a word for the ‘’palm of the hand’’.


MANNI gloves

MANNI… The name of a man who personified the moon in Norse mythology.


BODDI chest bag

BODDI… From Old Norse, a medieval Scandinavian language, a word for ‘’bag or money’’.


NASAK beanie

NASAK... a Greenlandic name for "hat".


MUND handlebar grips

MUND... Old German, a word for "hand", "protection".


HALS tubular neck cover

HALS... From Old German, a word for "neck", "throat."


VOK handlebar covers (pogies)

VOK... Old Norse "vǫk" "a hole in the ice, an opening in the ice"


LOKI neoprene bottle cover  

LOKI... from Old Norse, a medieval Scandinavian language, means "cover".


TINDR tire cover

TINDR... From Old Norse, a medieval Scandinavian language, means "'point', 'tooth', 'crest of a mountain'"


UDONES socks

The notion of socks has evolved through the centuries. Back in the 2nd century AD, the Romans began making socks that were fitted, by sewing fabrics together, called 'udones.'


BLIVET SPORTS wishes to thank Le Fonds d'emprunt Québec. Through the access to microcredit they offer, through coaching and training, Le Fonds d’emprunt Québec allows us to carry out our business project. Through its impact in its environment, Le Fonds d’emprunt Québec aspires to be recognized as the benchmark in entrepreneurship and microfinance in the national capital area.